Best time of year to visit Jaffna

Jaffna can be visited right throughout the year. The temperature is highest in the months of April – May and August – September. The temperature is coolest in the months of December and January.

Jaffna also known as Yarlpanam is the northernmost region of Sri Lanka and has been Sri Lanka’s Hindu-Tamil Cultural and Religious Centre for centuries. It is in close proximity to the sub-continent of India and is separated from it by the Palk Strait and the Bay of Bengal. The greater part of Jaffna is covered by shallow lagoons and has many interesting islands not very far from the shore.
From the 1980’s to early 2009, Jaffna was classified as a no-go war zone. For almost Three decades, Somehow, Jaffna survived the endless violence and has sprung back to life as a popularly growing tourist attraction with many new hotels coming up around the beautiful Jaffna coastline.

Some of the main tourist attractions of Jaffna are the Dutch Fort and unexplored beaches along with some pre-colonial buildings from the Dutch Era. Jaffna is also home to many religious sites including temples, mosques and churches which have been through a rough past but have managed to preserve their beauty.