Best time of year to visit Sigiriya

Sigiriya can be visited all year round. However we recommend that you check on the weather prior to planning, to avoid any disappointing showers.

Sigiriya is a small town situated in the Central region of the Island.

Famed for the Sigiriya Rock & Citadel, Once the Kingdom of the great King Kashyappa (473 -496 AD)

This rock which stands over 250M high, and is famed for its Paintings, irrigation works, ancient rooms, mirror walls, is a definite must see when visiting Sri lanka.

The Climb to the top of the Rock and descend generally takes about 2 -3 Hours yet is not too harder climb as the steps are not too steep.

However we still do not advise parents of infants to do this climb, as it ishigh and a bit strenous